Why Do

Needles Break?

The Truth Behind Breakage

The Truth Behind Breakage

The reason needles break is that the needle is operating within very fine clearance of the sewing machine hook mechanism, and this expensive and critical part of the sewing machine must be protected from damage. If the Hook (which catches the needle thread and carries it around the bobbin to form the lock stitch) is scratched or damaged by the needle, this could result in stitching and tension problems and ultimately an expensive repair bill for your machine. If during the stitching process, the needle is deflected more than 15 degrees, or if it is bent and remains bent it is likely that damage to important parts of the sewing machine will result.

So good quality sewing machine needles are designed to break when something is wrong, so as to protect the expensive mechanism of the machine. When a needle breaks regularly, look for the cause - don’t blame the needle Reasons that sewing machine needles break:

  • Needle is too fine for fabric.
  • Stitching over pins or zippers.
  • Wrong needle system for machine model.
  • Upper tension is too tight.
  • Bobbin case or bobbin incorrectly fitted.
  • Presser foot is loose and not properly fitted.
  • Needle not properly set or is loose.
  • Fabric is too thick and does not match needle in use.
  • Pulling fabric without raising the presser foot after sewing.